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Military Sealift Command Civil Service Mariner (CIVMAR) Hiring Timeline

Completion of this process typically takes 30-90 days.

Step 1. One on One Interview

Once your employment application is rated, applicants will be asked to participate in an in-person or web-based interview to begin the hiring process.

Step 2. Conditional Offer of Employment
Once your application has met MSC’s conditions of employment, and if selected a conditional employment offer will be made.

Step 3. Pre-Employment Requirements

There are several pre-employment prescreening efforts that must have happened before a selected applicant is scheduled for New Employee Orientation (NEO).

  • Security Processing
  • Drug Screening
  • Medical Evaluation

Step 3a. Background Check & Drug Screening
The first step is the successful completion of MSC’s security clearance process. Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (EQIP) in tandem, our drug screening will be scheduled at an MSC approved facility.

Step 3b. Medical Requirements
The next step is the medical evaluation of applicants. MSC will schedule a physical exam at the nearest MSC authorized testing facility. The medical screening is paid for by MSC. In order to be hired, applicants must be found Fit for Hire by our MSC Medical Office.

Step 4. New Employee Orientation

Once found Fit for Hire. you’ll be scheduled for New Employee Orientation (NEO) in Norfolk, VA. Upon arrival some positions will require applicants to pass an English Language Competency Test. On your first day, you’ll complete new hire paperwork and be officially employed by MSC. This class runs for 4-5 days and consists of the following subjects:

  • Government Employee Paperwork
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Employee Relations
  • Legal – Standards of Conduct
  • Benefits Placement of Vessels
  • Wages
  • Manning
  • Equal Employment Opportunity

Step 5. MSC Training Centers
Upon completion of NEO, all newly hired CIVMARs attend mandatory training sessions for 4-6 weeks at the MSC training in Freehold, NJ or San Diego, CA.

Step 6. Ship Assignment
After completing NEO, newly hired CIVMARs are given either an East Coast or West Coast shipboard assignment from their Marine Placement Specialist. Assignment will depend on the individual position and needs of the Command.

Step 7. Congratulations
Enjoy your Tour. Any additional questions, please contact the CIVMAR Support Center at (866)-JOBS-MSC (562-7672)