Academy Overview

Maritime Academy Employment

MSC usually visits maritime academy career fairs in the spring and fall of each year, returning to hold interviews for 3rd Officers, 3rd Assistant Engineers and occasionally Junior Supply Officers. We recruit for these positions to work aboard our fleet of oilers, ammunition ships, joint high-speed vessels, fast combat prepositioning ships and more. If you are offered full time employment with MSC, the mission will take you all over the globe while offering you exposure to diverse platforms and technology, hands-on training, and accelerated advancement opportunities. Other advantages include overtime pay, paid leave, federal job security and benefits, flexible career paths, service to country and the camaraderie that comes with life at sea.

If you’re a recent or soon-to-be maritime academy graduate who wants to advance their career while traveling the globe, ask you career counselor about MSC employment, or select your school below to start the process.

California State University Maritime
Maine Maritime Academy
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
SUNY Maritime Academy 
Texas A&M University Maritime Academy 
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Great Lakes Maritime Academy

MSC Cadet Shipping Program

If you’re not quite ready to graduate but would like to to experience MSC CIVMAR life first hand. The Cadet Shipping Program provides you with real-world work experience while you complete your education. Under close supervision and guidance you will work onboard an MSC ship for a 45-120 day assignment developing the skills necessary to safely function as a knowledgeable and effective member of a ship’s crew. This program will help you understand the technical expertise and leadership qualities required of a trained professional in the maritime industry.

This program also allows you to:

  • work toward the completion of USCG sea service requirements
  • prepare for your licensing exams
  • complete school assigned sea projects
  • receive a stipend/salary
  • visit foreign ports as you travel the globe
  • experience firsthand the career opportunities available at MSC 

To Apply

Current Students
Current students will be notified by your campus Career Counselor when MSC has active job openings for your academy. You can begin building your profile at any time prior to the job openings – assuring you’ll be ready to submit an application when the time comes. If you would like to begin your profile, please select your academy above.

If you cadet sailed with MSC you will need to submit your SF50 form with your employment application. To obtain a copy of this form, contact the CIVMAR Support Center at 888-282-1753.

Recent Graduates
Recent graduates can apply anytime a position of interest is accepting applications.

To apply, you will need to have your passport, transportation workers identification credential (TWIC), and merchant mariner credential (MMC).

Cadet Shipping
Contact your Career Counselor for information about building your profile, submitting an application and any deadlines.