Entry Level Overview

Entry Level

At Military Sealift Command, we recruit entry level candidates that want to advance their maritime career. The mission will take you all over the globe while offering federal job security, hands-on training, and career advancement opportunities. Other advantages include diversity of fleet and platforms, overtime pay, flexible career paths, service to country and the camaraderie that comes with life at sea.

We recruit entry level positions in the supply (logistics), deck and engine departments. Oftentimes mariners with skill sets suited for other departments apply for these positions. Our flexible career paths allow qualified employees to compete for their desired department once the right position becomes available.  For more information about MSC employment and the application process, click the Career Avenues button to the right that best matches your background.

In addition to your primary position, interested CIVMARs may apply to serve in our Surface Rescue Swimmer Program (SRS) as a collateral duty. Contact a recruiter for additional requirements/qualifications.

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Current Open Entry Level Positions

The following entry level positions are currently accepting applications.

Any Entry Level

Any Entry Level

Announcement open 15 December 2014, with periodic cut-offs.

The "Any Entry Level" position actually includes three different job listings under one opening. They include: Supply Utilityman, the Wiper Advancement Program (WAP), and the Ordinary Seaman Advancement Program (OSAP).