Positions at MSC

Operations Chief

Salary: East: $51,822


The Operations Chief is a member of the deck department and reports directly to the Navigator/Operations Officer, they assist in gathering, interpreting, and disseminating all operational information necessary to carry out the mission of the ship. The Operations Chief supports Navigator/Operations Officer in coordinating and communicating externally from the ship with the task group operational commanders, customers, and MSC ashore units. Internal to the ship, the Operations Chief assists the Master and navigator/operations officer with the scheduling of operation events; drafting and interpreting naval message traffic; anticipating and forecasting future tasking as well as tactical maneuvering and tactical communications. The Operations Chief shall be capable of coding, decoding, and interpreting tactical signals associated with Joint, Allied, and Navy publications. The Operations Chief shall be capable of performing the duties of Helicopter Control Officer (HCO) during helicopter operations.


  1. Must be a valid United States citizen of at least 18 years of age and possess and maintain valid:
    • U.S. Passport with a minimum of seven (7) months remaining before expiration date; AND
    • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Merchant Mariner’s Credential (MMC), with a minimum of ten (10) months remaining before expiration date.
  2. MMC endorsement(s): Entry-level endorsements as Ordinary Seaman, Steward Department Food Handler (FH), or Wiper.
  3. Must have at least ten (10) years military experience (E5 or above) as one (1) of the following:
    • Operations Specialist (OS) or Quartermaster (QM); OR
    • U.S. Navy Active Duty Line Officer (O3 or above), LDO, or CWO with Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) qualifications and at least three (3) years of seagoing experience; OR
    • Sailed as an RET2 or above with a minimum of three (3) years Navy seagoing experience (E5 or above) as an Operations Specialist (OS) or Quartermaster; OR
    • Sailed as an RET2 or above with a minimum of four (4) months documented experience in the Operations department onboard MSC ships as Operations Assistant.