MSC Success Story

Raymond Olsen

Steward Cook

Life at sea has been a part of Raymond Olsen’s life for many years; sailing has been his sole career. He served inside of submarines for many years and most of his service took place below the water as a culinary specialist in the U.S. Navy. After separating from the military, Olsen returned to the sea, this time however, as a CIVMAR with MSC. He teasingly refers to his current career as “surface life,” and points out, “my time on Navy Submarines made it easy to transition over [to MSC.] There’s just more room here.”

When Olsen joined MSC in 2013, following a convincing meeting he had with an MSC employee in Diego Garcia (an atoll in the Indian Ocean) he felt confident in the transition because he was familiar with the job he would be undertaking, and because he has an affinity for the water. Olsen began sailing as a Cook Baker, which aligned closely with his previous career in the Navy. Through the subsequent years and multiple tours, Olsen has taken on more responsibility, but his favorite position happens to be his current one, Steward Cook.

One of the new responsibilities that Olsen took on, when he was promoted to Steward Cook sailing on the US Navy Ship Choctaw County, was taking charge of his own galley – It is one of his proudest accomplishments. He has a team-centered mentality when it comes to leadership in the kitchen, and he explains, “the culture on the ship overall has a hard working, ready to get the job completed attitude.” In addition to leading, Olsen is focused on working with his team to “get food on the ship and keep good food on the tables.”

Since he has only been with MSC for three years at this point, Olsen is not decided on whether he will retire from MSC. Certainly, he has time to decide, but in the meantime, he plans to continue devoting himself to his work and enjoying providing meaningful service to the crew.