MSC Success Stories

Steven Wojtasinski

First Assistant Engineer

IMG_4729First Assistant Engineer, Steven Wojtasinski, began his career with Military Sealift Command (MSC) in July 2010 after graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA). During school, Wojtasinski heard compelling stories about MSC and wanted to check it out for himself. “I knew I could travel to various ports, get a lot of sea time and upgrade my license faster than [in] any other company,” Wojtasinski pointed out. He applied, interviewed and was subsequently hired as a Third Assistant Engineer with MSC immediately following graduation. Now, five years later, Wojtasinski’s expectations have proven true through eight tours, seven different vessels, 15 different countries, and two promotions.

Growing up in the harbor town of Hingham, Massachusetts, Wojtasinski spent most of his formative years near or on the water; operating the launch at the yacht club, competitive sailing and “taking the motorboat out wake boarding and cliff jumping.” It was these experiences that ultimately molded him to pursue a career in engineering at MMA and become a mariner.

Wojtasinski notes that he’s “found a nice balance between work and fun with MSC,” working aboard MSC vessels, and still finding time to explore the new countries he travels to. While underway, his daily activities vary greatly and depend on the mission, but aboard the USNS Choctaw County, for example, “an average day consists of getting up early and conducting routine inspections, including all the spaces and machinery, to seek out anything out of the ordinary. Of course, this is all after having the essential morning coffee,” he jokes. Cleaning, changing filters, and investigating any problems that occurred during the evening are also among his daily duties. “The best thing about my job is that I’m never bored” Wojtasinski says, “there is always something new and different going on.” Wojtasinski has also learned how to manage his time so he can get go out and enjoy the port country. “I always look forward to visiting and familiarizing myself with new places. I have become quite the traveler, both during my time off as well as my time on the job,” Wojtasinski explains.

As he broadened his horizons personally, Wojtasinski also climbed the professional ladder with MSC quickly and has a goal in sight he’d ultimately like to accomplish – aspiring to sail on his Chief’s License before all is said and done. He’s well on his way too; right now he’s on track to becoming one of the youngest chiefs in the fleet. With his goal in site, Wojtasinski invites anyone else with similar drive to join MSC, saying: “come sail with MSC! You can travel and experience the world, establish meaningful relationships with your colleagues, and set yourself up for a very successful and fruitful future!”