The Office of Management and Budget has mandated all federal departments and agencies begin using E-Verify for all new hires as part of the Form I-9 employment eligibility verification process.

The E-Verify program is an automated program, established by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, to further assist employers in verifying the employment eligibility of all newly-hired employees. Through E-Verify, the employers send information about a newly-hired employee to DHS and SSA to ensure the new hire is authorized to work in the United States and their name, social security number and date of birth matches government records.

E-Verify is operated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, a component of the DHS in coordination with the SSA, and provides U.S. employers a tool to confirm the employment eligibility of their workers. E-Verify greatly limits subjectivity otherwise required in employer review during the Form I-9 process, virtually eliminates social security mismatches, improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, protects U.S. workers, helps U.S. employers maintain a legal workforce, ensures the legality of the workforce and reduces the risk of a worksite audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.