MSC offers internal and external training opportunities to all CIVMARs in accordance with current MSC policy and requirements for specific ratings and ship class. Internal training opportunities typically include classes taught by MSC at one of our in-house schools, such as Fire Fighting and Small Arms. External training includes classes offered by the Navy, other government agencies, maritime schools, and other commercial vendors.

New CIVMAR Training

All newly hired personnel are required to attend mandatory training at FT. Eustis in Virginia or San Diego, California for three to six weeks of training. During this training, CIVMARs will receive Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and MSC specific training. The U.S. Coast Guard requires certificates of completion for STCW training to be valid. Sea Service Books are not acceptable substitutes for STCW certificates. All required training must be completed prior to ship assignment.

STCW Required Training Consists of:

Basic Shipboard Firefighting 3 Days 5 Years
First Aid 1 Day 5 Years
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility 1 Day 5 Years
Personal Survival 2 Days 5 Years

MSC Required Training Consists of:

Damage Control 2 Days 5 Years
Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense (CBR-D) 1 Day 5 Years
Small Arms* 3 Days Every Year
Helicopter Firefighting 1 Day 5 Years
Naval Occupational Safety & Health 1 Day 5 Years
Environmental Programs 1 Day 5 Years
Anti-Terrorism Awareness 1 Day Every Year
Ammunition/Explosive Training* 3 Weeks Varies

** Designated Personnel only *

NOTE: There are training matrices for all ship classes. These matrices identify by rating and ship class the minimum training competencies crew members should have to adequately perform the jobs. MSC also offers other training not contained on the training matrices, which MSC determines to have value to the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Upgrade Training

When shortages of specific ratings occur, a supervisor may recommend a CIVMAR to be selected for upgrade training. This training prepares CIVMARs to receive a higher endorsement to fill vacant positions by successfully completing the courses at specific training schools. Upon successful completion of an upgrade program, the CIVMAR must apply for the higher-level position utilizing merit promotion procedures.

Reimbursable Training

MSC has a number of programs to assist CIVMARs in obtaining higher-level credentials, such as USCG Licenses, Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) and related endorsements. In some cases, MSC may reimburse CIVMARs for this training. All training that will be paid for by the Command, or reimbursed to a CIVMAR must be approved before the class begins. CIVMARs are cautioned not to enroll in a course and expect reimbursement unless they entered into an agreement with MSC beforehand.