Military Sealift Command
The U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command is the premier provider of ocean transportation to the Department of Defense. Our civil service careers offer job security, training and accelerated career advancement opportunities. It could be your opportunity to travel the globe with a rewarding maritime career.
Now Hiring Chief Radio Electronics Technicians
If you have experience as a U.S. Navy trained IT’s both Communicator’s and Network personnel (NEC’s: 2735, 2779, 2780); or E6 and above with experience supervising a shipboard Communications Center (i.e. Radio Central/Outboard Shack), or ADP Center, watch or watch team, or other Government, Military or Commercial environment (i.e. NCTAMS, NTCC, TAGOS (SURTASS), DOD COMMCENTER). Applicants utilizing Military experience should have no more than 10 years recency out of the field.
Veteran's Preference
If you have 10-point preference you are eligible to apply for any position for which the Command hires externally.



Any Entry Level

Announcement open 24 October through 28 October 2016

Damage Control Officer

Announcement open 3 October through 28 October 2016.


Any Entry Level

Announcement open 24 October through 28 October 2016


Steward Cook

Announcement opens 1 October, and will close 31 October 2016.

Any Entry Level

Announcement open 24 October through 28 October 2016


Chief Radio Electronics Technician

Announcement opens continuously 3 October 2016, with period cut-offs.


Currently, there are no job opportunities in this department. Contact us directly.

MSC Success Stories

Our maritime careers offer some of the best advancement opportunities in the industry. Learn how these CIVMARs found a rewarding maritime career at MSC.

wichai family pic_featured

Wichai Bonton

Opperations Chief

Bonton joined Military Sealift Command in February 2015, but he knew about MSC well before that time while serving in the Navy. From 2004-2006 he served as Military Detachment [in] the US Navy . Bonton’s family was growing and as it did, prompted him to make a career change. He wanted to support his three children and wife well. MSC met Bonton’s need for both security and benefits.

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Brian Bennett

First Assistant Engineer

Bennett’s first position with MSC was Electronics Technician and he […] has continued to develop his career and serve in various roles including Third Assistant Engineer, Second Assistant Engineer and First Assistant Engineer…

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Kevin Giffin

Master & Surface Rescue Swimmer

Kevin Giffin is a dedicated member of the CIVMAR workforce. As Chief Mate, Giffin currently works shoreside…

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