CIVMAR Hiring Timeline

Conditions of Employment

Because Military Sealift Command has varied needs in our CIVMAR workforce, some of our positions offer a mixed work schedule.

What is mixed work schedule? This means, if you are hired to this position type, you will only be authorized to work up to 6 months a year in the position in which you are hired, based on the needs of the Command.

Current positions that have Mixed Work Schedule opportunities are: First Officer Second Officer Third Officer Able Seaman Chief Radio Electronics Technician First Assistant Engineer Second Assistant Engineer Third Assistant Engineer Deck Engineer Machinist

Once you are hired and complete new employee orientation, you will receive your first 4-month assignment. during that assignment you will work with your detailer to plan for time off upon completion or to schedule your next assignment. You are eligible to continue working up to 6 months a calendar year. If you want to work more than that you will need to convert to a full-time position.

This position type is ideal for the employees who are looking for better work life balance or do not want to commit to a standard 12 month full-time employment. When comparing this to the private sector, it is our hope that the employee feels like there is greater flexibility and they are able to have a more competitive rotation. However, there are some differences from typical employment. These positions are:

  • Not eligible to a recruitment or a retention bonus
  • only earn time towards retirement when in a pay status

When hired, you will be asked to acknowledge that you understand the conditions of this type of employment and the entitlements earned. While this this type of work schedule may allow the employee to have a better rotation; this type of position does change the way benefits are earned. The chart below summarizes your entitlement while under an mixed work schedule:

Holiday Pay Eligible if in a pay status
Civil Service Retirement/Federal Employees Retirement System (CSRS/FERS) Eligible. Effect of Leave Without Pay (LWOP) periods: non-pay status in excess of 6 months in a calendar year will not be creditable for retirement.
Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Eligible - Credit is based on salary earned each pay period. If you are in a non-pay status, no deductions will occur for TSP.
Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Eligible. Effect on coverage during non-pay status periods: An employee who begins nonpay status must be given an opportunity to elect to either: (1) terminate the enrollment, or (2) continue it and agree to pay the premium or incur a debt. If employee elects to continue the enrollment, it continues for up to 365 days in nonpay status. Previous periods in nonpay status count toward the 365 days if the employee does not return to duty for at least 4 consecutive months. Employee is responsible for payment of the employee share of the premium. Contact the DON Civilian Benefits Center, The Benefits Line on 1-888-320-2917 and press 4 (Monday – Friday except Federal holidays, 7:30am – 7:30pm ET) for information about exceptions to the general rule and for additional information.
Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) Eligible. Effect on coverage during non-pay status periods: If an employee is enrolled in FEDVIP and is in non-pay status for two consecutive pay periods, the employee will be switched to a direct bill method of payment. The employee will receive a bill at his or her home address for premiums and must pay this bill or coverage will be terminated. Premiums paid by direct bill are not pre-tax. Upon to return to pay status, the employee must notify BENEFEDS (1-877-888-3337) immediately so the premium payment method can be returned to deduction from salary (pre-tax).
Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Eligible. Effect on coverage during non-pay status periods: Coverage continues for 12 consecutive months in a non-pay status without cost to the employee. The non-pay status may be continuous, or it may be broken by a return to duty for periods of less than 4 consecutive months. However, if while in non-pay status the employee receives pay during any part of a pay period, the employee is not considered to be in non-pay status for FEGLI purposes. Coverage is terminated after employee has been in non-pay status for 12 months. Previous time in non-pay status counts toward the 12 months if employee did not return to duty for at least 4 consecutive months.
Sick/Annual Leave Eligible if in a pay status
Recruitment Bonus Ineligible
Retention Bonus Ineligible