Conditions of Employment

Conditions of Employment

Medical Services Officer

This position is not currently open.

Salary: $75,925


The Medical Services Officer (MSO) performs a variety of administrative, patient care, and department head duties and functions pertaining to the complete operation of a shipboard medical department: general administration, medical administration, healthcare, fiscal and supply, training, pest control and sanitation, occupational health and preventive medicine, shipboard operational commitments and maintaining certification of eligibility. The MSO is directly responsible to the Master while assigned onboard MSC ships. Incumbent is also responsible to report to Military Sealift Command Norfolk Force Medical Officer for professional oversight and credentialing. Ensures continuing application of and compliance with EEO laws, regulations and policies.

HEALTH CARE: The MSO on board MSC ships shall provide, at a minimum, the equivalent level of care as that provided by a Navy Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. Documentation of all care provided will be complete, accurate, and legible in conformance with current clinical standards.

FISCAL AND SUPPLY: The MSO is responsible for all of the supply functions unique to the medical department. The incumbent carries out all policies and procedures concerning afloat medical equipment and supplies, including medical consumables, and maintains inventories at prescribed levels.

TRAINING: The MSO shall conduct on a routine basis a schedule of medical training lectures for all embarked personnel or subsets of the crew as appropriate for the topics to include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator (CPR/AED).

PEST CONTROL AND SANITATION: The MSO shall: (a) ensure currency of his/her pest control managers certificate, (b) conduct on at least a monthly basis, inspections of all food services spaces, storerooms, ship stores, and any other spaces that may be of concern to preclude the presence of a stored product pest, roaches, or rodents, in accordance with the guidance provided by area preventive medicine units, (c) monitor pest control spraying, trapping, and baiting by Navy approved pest control personnel and log results of surveys, (d) maintain the pest control log in SAMS and ensure that surveys, spraying, and pest control supplies are conducted by Navy approved pest control personnel and are entered in the appropriate logs, (e) ensure that adequate supplies are maintained on board and that they are stored in accordance with existing instructions, (f) provide for the establishment of a pest control spill kit and maintain accordingly, and (g) inspect all fresh produce and refrigerated items coming aboard to ensure quality and that it is pest free.

The MSO is responsible to the Master for inspecting and reporting on the sanitation of the ship. The incumbent will conduct at least monthly sanitation inspections of all food service spaces including, but not limited to, refer decks and storerooms, and report in writing to the ships Master the results of all inspections using reporting procedures as outlined in the P-5010, Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: The MSO will ensure that all physicals, medical surveillance, and chronic disease tracking, and immunizations remain current and are scheduled appropriately.

COLLATERAL DUTY: Serve as primary Collection Site Coordinator (CSC) for the Drug Free Workplace Program (DFWP) and as alternate Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) on board MSC Civil Service Mariner (CIVMAR) manned Ships.

MARITIME PREPOSITIONING SHIP SQUADRON (MPSRON): The MSO may be assigned to a Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron (MPSRON).

The MSO assigned to a MPSRON, under routine conditions, has responsibilities that have a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of the MPSRON. When a MPSRON is called into action those MSO responsibilities will multiply in scope and importance depending on specific assigned mission and location. The below listed duties and responsibilities may apply to this assignment:
  • Provide all medical services for the Commodore and staff as required.
  • Administer Anthrax and Smallpox immunizations as required to all ships of the squadron. This may require travel.
  • Administer lifesaving aid to Contract Mariners (CONMARS) as requested by ships of the MPSRON squadron.
  • Conduct Medical Training to Contract Mariners (CONMARS) as requested by ships of the MPSRON squadron.
  • Conduct Occupational Health and Sanitation inspections and training that may be requested by ships of the squadron.

    Everything in this Position Description is considered to be an essential function of this position. Performs other duties as assigned.

    Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
    Must be a United States citizen of at least 18 years of age and possess and maintain:
    1. U.S. Passport with a minimum of seven months of expiration date.
    2. Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and/or Department of Defense (DOD) Common Access Card (CAC) with a minimum of ten (10) months remaining of expiration.
    3. United States Coast Guard (USCG) Merchant Mariner’s Credential (MMC), with a minimum of ten months remaining of expiration date.

    Position Specific Requirements:
    1. MMC endorsed as: Ordinary Seaman, Wiper, Steward Department (FH)
    Certificate of Registery (COR) as one of the following:
    1. Professional Nurse – If using experience as a Registered Nurse must possess documented certification as an Advanced Practice Licensed Registered Nurse by a state, territory or commonwealth of the United States or District of Columbia.
    2. Physician Assistant – Must possess certification as a Licensed Physician's Assistant issued by a state, territory or Commonwealth of the United States or District of Columbia or National Commission on Certification of Physician’s Assistant.
    3. Hospital Corpsman – If using previous military medical experience, must possess experience equivalent to an Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman/Independent Duty Health Services Technician (E-6 or above) and possess NEC 8425/8402/8403/8494, Army MOS 18D or USAF MOS 4NOX1.

    10-Point Veterans can apply online at any time