Conditions of Employment

Conditions of Employment

To provide for rescue operations at sea, MSC has a Surface Rescue Swimmer (SRS) program which trains civil service mariner (CIVMAR) volunteers to assist in the rescue of individuals from the sea. In addition to routine onboard duties, qualified surface rescue swimmers respond to and evaluate the condition of survivors in the water and provide immediate assistance to help ensure their safe, successful recovery.

All participants must pass a U.S. Navy Surface Rescue Swimmer course of instruction. MSC funds SRS training for qualified CIVMARs. MSC is looking for individuals who have served in a Surface and Rescue position, swam competitively, been involved in water sports (water polo) or worked as public lifeguards. While it is a collateral duty, those interested in pursuing the position will have an opportunity for additional earning potential and career advancement.

To be hired into this position, the applicant must pass the U.S. Navy’s Medical Screening to determine fit for duty status. An applicant who accepts the position must successfully pass the SRS Medical Screening, and successfully complete the below:


Incentives are offered to MSC employees with SRS collateral duties. Some examples are:

Prospective CIVMARs interested in applying for the SRS program should contact the CIVMAR Support Center (CSC) by phone 877-JOBS-MSC (562-7672) or email.

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