MSC Success Stories

Success Stories

Our training and advancement opportunities combined with a supportive culture create an environment for professional growth. These are just some of the individuals that seized the opportunity to advance their career.

Raymond Olsen

Steward Cook

Olsen has a team-centered mentality when it comes to leadership in the kitchen, and he explains, “the culture on the ship overall has a hard working, ready to get the job completed attitude.”

Troy Duncan

Steward Cook

Troy Duncan grew up knowing he would be in the Navy, become a cook, and eventually go to culinary school. But in 8th grade, when he envisioned his life, he didn’t know he would also have a career sailing with Military Sealift Command (MSC). To achieve his dreams, Duncan joined the Navy in 1981. He … Continue reading Troy Duncan

Kyle Mathews

1st Assistant Engineer

Before joining Military Sealift Command (MSC), Kyle Matthews had a singular pursuit – to achieve a career that was stable and rewarded effort.

Emerson Impat

Deck Engineer Machinist

Though Impat enjoyed sailing as a Supply Utilityman, he had his sights on the engine room. He began working toward this goal and on his fourth tour he achieved it becoming a Deck Engineering Machinist.

David Schirmer

3rd Officer

After 20+ years in the fishing industry, Schirmer was looking for something new and different. His first position on an MSC ship was as an Able Seaman (Watch) and the subsequent years led to Schirmer being promoted to Third Officer (Watch). It’s an ascension that he feels is one of his greater accomplishments.